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If you remove the glamour and glitz, the princess dress and tiara, the fancy shoes and jewelry what are you left with? You are left with a young lady who for years has been dreaming about her Sweet 15.  Every day she plans out detail to detail, what will her colors be, which friends will be part of her court of honor, what dances are the latest and greatest that will make her out shine all others. She changes her mind on hair and nails very often. Sometimes she even cries because she wants a Limo, but mom and dad said “that’s not in the budget”.  She plans all that she believes will make her party special and unforgettable.

The day finally comes and her hair is right, the dress is tight and all seems to be going as she imagined. Then the lights dim low, and a soft melody begins, this is the song she did not pick, the moment she didn’t plan and feeling she didn’t imagine she would have. Her father walks up to her and reaches out his hand for hers. Although she knew she would be dancing with her father, she never realized the emotions she would feel the moment she begins to dance. As she looked into his eyes she could see the tears rolling down his cheek, her eyes watered as well. It is at this exact moment when she realizes she is no longer daddy’s little girl but now a young woman. Dancing with her dad gave meaning to her entire night. It was never about the glitz and the glam, her dress and nails nor the latest and greatest, it was about her moment shared with the man who will always be by her side. It was about DANCING WITH DADDY.

By Fabrika  Latina Editor:   Amber Yates