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Whether your looking to add an elegant glow to your wedding reception or want any combination of our special effects lighting to enhance your event, we are capable of transforming your setting into a stunning space. We help you create an ambience that is breathtaking. Our lighting truly turns any venue into a "PALACE."

See your name in lights with our GOBO lighting system. Gobo lights create dramatic effects on walls, sidewalks - even sides of buildings by using patterns to project light in specific designs ranging from the wildly abstract to amazingly true to life.

Call us to see how creative lighting can enhance your event!

MONOGRAM PROJECTION. We can project your initials, name, or custom design on almost any surface to give your venue a very personalized look.

CAKE LIGHTING.  Let us highlight your gorgeous cake with lights so your guests can actually see the beautiful cake you paid so much for. 

PATTERN LIGHTS can create a textured look on any surface. 

SPECIAL EFFECT LIGHTING such as our Star Field Laser & Water Effect can create a wonderfully mysterious ambience


Decorative UP Lighting Package
The Up Lighting package is one or multicolored lighing along the walls. The package includes up to Ten lights

Gobo-Monogram Lighting
We can make a monogram of your name, initials. I will show it on the dance floor or on the wall.  One (metal) Gobo

Ceremony Sound System, Music and Mic
If you are needing  a sound system for the ceremony music and a wireless mic, we can do all of that for you.


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